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This 121 piece kit will only be sold in a limited quantity. 


We have combined all of our most popular engine bay hardware for your Honda/Acura & put it together in one convenient case that saves you time & money.  Each kit will come labeled to keep the hardware organized.


This kit includes the following hardware: 


 8X: M6 Acorn Nuts ( Valve Cover)

10X: M6 Flange Nuts (Firewall, Engine Bay, Etc.)

19X EA.: M8 Flange Nut & Stud (B/D Intake & Exhaust Manifold Nuts & Studs)

4X: M10 Locking Flange Nut (Strut Top Nuts)

4X: M12 Flange Nut (Upper Control Arm Nuts)

3X: M8x30MM Flange Bolt (Distributor Mounting Bolts)

50X: M6x16MM Bolts (Fenders, Headlights, Hood Latch, Hood Hinges, Etc.) 

2X EA. M8 Nuts & Lock Washer (Brake Master Cylinder Mounting)



121 pc. Engine Bay Hardware Kit - Honda/Acura

SKU: 033C-B00-00001
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