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This kit is intended for USDM model vehicles only. Although, many will work for other markets. 


This kit includes the following:

1X:  limited release Resto Tuner Promo Decal!

1X: Plastic scraper for safely removing existing decals

2X: Alcohol wipes for properly cleaning and preparing surfaces before installation. 


Interior Sheet:

2X: Civic Hatchback/Coupe "LOCK" door replacement decals

2X: Civic Sedan "LOCK" door replacement decals

1X: Civic Trunk lever decal

1X: Civic Hood lever decal

1X: Civic Defrost Switch

1X: Civic Hazard Switch

1X: Civic Cruise Control Switch

1X: Civic Front Fog Light Switch

1X: Civic Rear Fog Light Switch


Exterior/Engine Sheet:

1X: Fuel Door "UNLEADED FUEL ONLY" decal OR "PREMIUM FUEL ONLY" (Choose Below)

1X: 92-95 Civic Under Hood Fuse Diagram Decal

1992-1995 Honda Civic Interior & Exterior/Engine Label Kit

  • This kit will transform your interior by restoring those small touches that are nearly impossible to find in good condition. You no longer need to search for that perfect door handle or dash switches.


    These are all printed on a high quality laminated adhesive backed material that will last through the elements. This material will still allow light to shine through. These are products that we use in our own vehicles and we will stand by them. 

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