This 64 piece kit replaces the hardware located on the chassis under the hood of a 1993-1997 Del Sol. This includes all of the 10mm bolts, sturt tower nuts, and upper control arm nuts in your engine bay using OEM style yellow zinc plated hardware similar to how it would have came from the factory in many cases. This kit DOES NOT include hardware for the engine & transmission itself. See "Product Info" for the list of specific hardware that this kit replaces. 


1993-1997 Honda Del Sol Engine Bay Chassis Hardware Kit

  • 64 piece kit includes:


    M6 x 16 Bolts

    7X fender right

    7X  fender left

    4X headlight top

    5X front bumper strip

    5X rear bumper strip

    4X upper hood hinge

    4X lower hood hinge

    3X hood latch

    3X fuse box

    2X aux lights

    Total: 44


    M6x12 Bolts

    2X headlight little fuse box 

    2X clutch reservoir

    1X throttle cable holder/shock tower bracket

    1X radiator stay

    1X radiator reservoir bracket

    2X a/c stay

    2X ground strap 

    1X battery negative terminal to ground



    4X Strut Tower Nuts

    4X Upper Control Nuts

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