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This 66 piece kit will only be sold during our Black Friday Sale for 2023. 


This is a mix of our most popular & most common hardware in a convenient case. This is a perfect assortment of hardware to keep in the garage or in your car as spare hardware. Each kit will come labeled to keep the hardware organized. 


This kit includes the following hardware: 


 8X: M6 Acorn Nuts

10X: M5 Flange Nuts

5X: M6 Flange Nuts 

2X EA.: M8 Flange Nut & Stud

4X: M10 Locking Flange Nut

2X: M12 Locking Flange Nut 

2X: M8x30MM Flange Bolt

2X: M10x70MM Flange Bolt

2X: M10x45MM Flange Bolt

25X: M6x16MM Bolts

2X: M10x80MM Flange Bolts


66pc. Spare Hardware Kit - Honda/Acura

SKU: 033C-B00-00024
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